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Wanda Johnson: Press

“Johnson’s voice has a unique dry timbred intensity, redeemed from brittleness by her rich vibrato and the tonal warmth she summons in her upper registers…This is a very impressive debut from a talented and imaginative vocalist.”
David Whiteis - Living Blues
“I’m convinced that this young lady has the chops and panache to go wherever her musical career leads her and I for one, urge you to check her out on her way up.”
Gary Erwin - Shrimp City Slim
“She is a powerful, lively singer who tastefully mixes blues, soul, and gospel with a maturity and good manners that only greatest experienced singers can do.”
Vicente Zumel - La Hora del Blues (Spain)
“She is a fine writer and an even better singer, with a strong, distinctive voice and a wide range, both vocally and material-wise… Miss Wanda plainly has a lot more ahead of her – and I look forward to hearing it. Yes, I’m impressed.”
Norman Darwen - Blues & Rhythm (UK)
“Johnson’s mellow, jazz-informed style is a simmering mix of Toni Lynn Washington and Nora Jones. She’s a crooner, not a shouter… her talent can’t be denied, and we’re certain to hear more from Johnson in the future.”
Thomas J. Cullen III - Blues Revue